Our Story

Kenny’s passion and inspiration for the auto industry comes directly from Kenny’s Dad, Karl Pfitzer. Kenny’s Dad is a retired rocket scientist for NASA and Boeing. His Dad was instrumental in the U.S. Space Program. Kenny spent his entire childhood in his Dad’s garage restoring vehicles. His first true restoration was a 1968 Volkswagen Squareback, but it was a 1960 Volkswagen Microbus that set the stage for his future career. Completely disassembled, Kenny and his Dad built the VW from the ground up.

Spanning a 20-year career in the automotive industry, Kenny Pfitzer’s projects are some of the most well-known and most talked vehicles of all-time. Whether the Ford Bronco Concept developed for Ford Motor Company or the ICON A5 aircraft developed from paper to product in seven weeks, Kenny’s fingerprints have been on thousands of custom projects and concept cars. Kenny’s first real automotive job was in 1996 for one of the automotive industry’s most respected design houses – Metal Crafters USA. Kenny not only used the skills he learned in the garage with his Dad but also learned how to clay mold for concept cars.

Kenny quickly moved up in ranks moving from mechanic on the floor to chief fabricator and lead designer on all the vehicles coming in and out of Metal Crafters. Kenny was able to bring cars from concept to production and many of those concepts did make their way to production for Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler and just about every other automaker.

His attention to detail and eye for creative design caught the attention of West Coast Customs President Ryan Friedlinghaus. It was here, at West Coast Customs, that Kenny was able to take his background at Metal Crafters and apply it to both the design and business. With celebrity builds and meeting deadlines for the West Coast Customs TV show, Kenny was relied on heavily to ensure the entire process not only went smoothly but that each project vehicle was the best possible vehicle leaving the facility.

After a five year run with West Coast Customs, Kenny went back to his roots in hot rod customization and took a position with iconic designer Chip Foose. For one year, as the COO, Kenny not only was a lead in building the vehicles that left the Foose facility, but he also honed in further on his business acumen as COO.

Kenny has great respect for both Ryan Friedlinghaus with West Coast Customs and Chip Foose with Foose Designs. With a creative mind, ability to dream big and a career in fabrication, Kenny has ventured out to start his own design studio – Kenny Pftzer Designs.

Kenny decided it was time to put his creativity and ideas together as his own business. Kenny Pfitzer Designs is set to be one of America’s most creative automotive and architectural design houses.

Breaking free from the mold, KPD will not only focus on specific custom builds, but will also serve as an incubator for automotive OEMS as well. The foundation for the business will also reach outside of automotive applying Kenny’s creative energy towards builds that are architectural in nature.

Kenny Pfitzer Designs is more than an automotive powerhouse design studio, it is also has a large fabrication team that takes the innovative concepts and designs and turns them into reality.